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Please email Ashley Badgley ( if you'd like to take any of the following attorney trainings, available online:

  • Attorney Negotiator Training (Recorded June 2010)
  • Contempt Hearings for CPO Cases (Recorded October 2010)
  • Civil Protection Orders Training (Recorded July 2011)
  • Custody and Divorce Training: Representing Domestic Violence Victims (Recorded February 2011)
  • Ethics in Family Law & Pro Bono Representation (Recorded November 2010)
  • Family Law Overview: Representing Domestic Violence Survivors (Recorded July 2010)
  • Foster and Adoptive Parent Representation (Recorded November 2009)
  • Guardian ad Litem Training (Recorded November 2011)
  • Private Adoptions: Representing Petitioners (Recorded June 2011)
  • Trial Skills (Recorded November 2010)
Wednesday, June 25th
Guardian Ad Litem/Child Advocacy Program Training
This training prepared attorneys to serve as court-appointed guardians ad litem (GALs) for children in disputed custody cases. 
Monday, June 16th
Litigating Civil Protection Order Cases On Behalf of Domestic Violence Survivors
This program took place at Ropes & Gray, and trained lawyers to provide pro bono representation to survivors seeking civil protection orders (CPOs) in DC Superior Court. Thank you to Ropes & Gray for hosting the training!
Tuesday, April 1st
DCVLP Training: Representing Domestic Violence Survivors in Immigration Matters
This training will provided an overview of how to represent foreign-born domestic violence survivors in cases to obtain lawful status in the United States.
Wednesday, March 19th 
DCVLP We  Heart  Our Volunteers Happy Hour
Thank you to Iron Horse Taproom for hosting our second annual event.
Wednesday, February 26th 
Representing Domestic Violence Survivors in Custody and Divorce Cases
This training provided a comprehensive overview of the process for litigating custody and divorce cases on behalf of domestic violence survivors in DC Superior Court. 
Wednesday, February 19th
Cultural Sensitivity Training
Howard Law Professor Cynthia Mabry provided training related to cultural sensitivity. Under the newly issues Standards for Custody Guardians ad litem in DC Superior Court, this training is mandatory for all DCVLP volunteers serving as GALs.
Tuesday, February 4th
DCVLP Recruitment Meeting
Attendees learned about DCVLP and what to expect as a volunteer attorney. 
Tuesday, January 28th
Federal Government CPO Training
This CPO training program provided an overview of the process for obtaining a CPO to federal government attorneys. 
Wednesday, January 15th
DCVLP and WCL Happy Hour
Thank you to the Washington Council of Lawyers for hosting us as part of their January Happy Hour. 
Lunch and Learn: Parents with Intellectual Disabilities and Cognitive Limitations
Wednesday, December 4th
Scott Trowbridge, a Staff Attorney with the ABA's Center on Children and the Law, discussed how parents with intellectual disabilities present significant challenges for lawyers representing these parents and their children. 
November Lunch & Learn: Legal Practice and Organization Tips
Wednesday, November 6th
Brown bag lunch with Information on DCVLP Pleadings Library and Maintaining Case Files
Guardian ad Litem Training
Wednesday, October 16th
Volunteer attorneys learned about how to serve as GALs for cases in DC Superior Court. 
Domestic Violence, Civil Protection Order Training
Tuesday, October 8th 
Our pro bono lawyers learned how to represent domestic violence survivors who are seeking civil protection orders (CPOs) in DC Superior Court. CPO cases are a short-term pro bono commitment.
DCVLP extends its sincere appreciation to Williams & Connolly, for their generosity in hosting the training.
Trauma Training
Friday, October 4th
Attorneys learned from an expert how to identify trauma in clients, how trauma impacts behavior and functioning, and what types of therapy are best for traumatized persons. Also they learned how to deal with their own emotions when helping these clients.
DCVLP's 2013 Recruitment Meeting
Wednesday, September 11th
Info: An informational meeting of the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project where the organization and volunteering opportunities were discussed. DCVLP provides training, mentoring and support to lawyers interested in representing children as guardians ad litem, and representing survivors of domestic violence in civil protection order, divorce and custody cases. No prior experience is necessary; DC Bar membership NOT required; malpractice insurance provided. 
DCVLP extends its sincere appreciation to Boies, Schiller & Flexner, for their generosity in hosting our 2013 recruitment meeting.
CPO Training
Tuesday, July 30th
Info: This training program provided an overview of the process for obtaining a CPO. Topics included: dynamics of domestic violence, interviewing clients, obtaining evidence, handling contested hearings, introducing exhibits, openings, closings, direct and cross-examination. 
Federal Government CPO Training (in 2 parts)
Thursday, June 20th and 27th
DCVLP Co-Founder Jenny Brody along with Supervising Attorney Ellen Opdyke, Managing Attorney Erin Larkin and Law Fellow Jodie Mount provided training on litigating CPOs to Federal Government Attorneys at the Department of the Interior. 
Wednesday, June 5th - Lunch & Learn - Introducing Evidence
DCVLP's Managing Attorneys Erin Larkin and Marla Spindel presented techniques and tips for introducing evidence.
Wednesday, May 15th - Advanced GAL Training
Info: DCVLP held its first ever advanced GAL training! This training was for GALs who have already taken the initial GAL training and wanted to learn more about the often complex and difficult issues GALs face. 
Wednesday, April 10th - RESCHEDULED March Lunch and Learn: Special Considerations in DV and GAL Cases when Sexual Assault is Alleged
DCVLP's new Supervising Attorney Ellen Opdyke, who has years of experience working with child and adult survivors of sexual assault, presented April's topic.  
Wednesday, March 13th
Guardian ad Litem Hybrid Training (Part Video/Part Live)
This training provided info attorneys need in order to serve as a court-appointed volunteer Guardian ad Litem for children in disputed custody cases.
Wednesday, March 6th - Cancelled due to inclement weather - WILL BE RESCHEDULED 
March Lunch and Learn: Special Considerations in DV and GAL Cases when Sexual Assault is Alleged
Wednesday, February 13th
DCVLP's First Annual "We  Heart  Our Volunteers" Happy Hour!
Iron Horse Taproom, 507 7th St. NW. DCVLP is very grateful and appreciative of our incredible volunteers! 
Wednesday, February 6th 12:00 - 1:30 p.m.
February Lunch and Learn: Child Support
Kristin Henrikson, of Delaney McKinney, presented on child support, a sometimes complicated issue that arises in CPO, custody and GAL cases. 
January 16, 12:00 - 1:30 p.m.
Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Tips on Coordinating with Prosecutors while litigating CPOs
AEquitas representative, provided info on technical assistance, case consultation, training and resources to attorneys prosecuting crimes involving violence against women.  
December 5, 12:00 pm-1:30 pm
Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Pretrial Prep Nuts and Bolts
DCVLP Attorney Supervisors and DCVLP Social Service Manager Hilary Espinosa discussed how to prepare for a trial.

November 7, 12:00 pm-1:30 pm

Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Efiling and Social Services
DCVLP Managing Director Claudia Gwilliam provided information on DC Superior Court Efiling (it becomes mandatory 12/10/12 for ALL DRB cases). DCVLP Social Services Manager discussed some social service resources in DC. 

October 25, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Live Training for Government Attorney Volunteers: Litigating Civil Protection Orders
This training provided a comprehensive overview of the process of obtaining Civil Protection Orders on behald of a domestic violence survivor in DC Superior Court.
October 16, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Live Training: Representing Domestic Violence Survivors in Domestic Violence Cases
This training program provided a comprehensive overview of the process for obtaining a Civil Protection Order on behalf of a domestic violence survivor in DC Superior Court. Topics covered included dynamics of domestic violence, litigating a CPO, case preparation, introduction of evidence, and examination of witnesses. Thank you to Hogan Lovells, LLP for hosting the training!
Wednesday, October 3rd, 11:00am - 1:00pm
October Lunch and Learn - Child Abuse and Neglect. 
Attendees heard from representatives from the DC Child and Family Services Agency, Child Protective Services, as they spoke about how the agency defines child abuse and neglect. 
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