Child Advocacy Program:
Helping DC’s At-Risk Kids

DCVLP volunteer lawyers represent children – here in DC – who are at grave risk of abuse and neglect because of domestic violence, substance abuse, mental illness, and exposure to other dangerous circumstances in their homes. Our lawyers are appointed by Family Court judges to assist with identifying a safe and stable home for these at-risk children and obtaining services to address critical needs.

“Give children a voice.”
– Pam Sauber, DCVLP Board Member and volunteer attorney

The attorneys’ work is essential, as judges are not equipped to conduct investigations into the child’s home, family, and school life, and would otherwise be forced to base decisions on parents’ potentially inaccurate or incomplete testimony.

Many cases take as long as a year, and our attorneys are committed to helping these children over the long-term as well as being a positive influence in their lives. Indeed, this may be the first time in a child’s life that an adult has listened to, and advocated for, them. If you wish to join this special group of volunteers, see below for details.

To Volunteer: If you are an attorney interested in volunteering, please fill out the volunteer registration form, then contact Emilia Plater-Zyberk, Volunteer Coordinator for information on trainings. If you have already registered to volunteer, have taken the training, and are ready to take a case, please contact Emilia Plater-Zyberk with your availability.