Each day, victims reach out to us for help escaping violence and as a result of the pandemic, are reaching out at alarmingly high rates. We need your support so we can continue to amplify the voices of victims and children and help them achieve safety and stability. Become a member of the Amplifying Voices Society today.

As a member of the Amplifying Voices Society, I commit to:

  1. SUPPORT DCVLP’S VISION that a life free of violence and abuse is a basic human right;
  2. DONATE MY TIME by taking a case, staffing a legal clinic, or serving as a Board or Junior Board member; and
  3. PROVIDE FINANCIAL SUPPORT so DCVLP can continue amplifying the voices of victims and children.

All gifts made in 2020 count toward your membership pledge. Donations to DCVLP are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

See our Membership List here.

Amplifying Voices Society membership benefits include:

  • Website icon

    You will receive a website icon for use in your online bio

  • Membership Certificate

    You will receive a certificate of membership suitable for framing

  • Membership List

    Your name will be listed on membership website pages and social media