What We Do

Our vision is a future where there is no domestic violence and all victims and at-risk children live in safe and stable homes.  

Domestic Violence Program

To help survivors achieve safety, stability and financial independence, our lawyers represent clients in protection order, custody, child support, divorce and domestic violence-related immigration cases. Our attorneys also advocate for victims at their abusers’ criminal hearings.

Child Advocacy Program

DC Superior Court judges appoint DCVLP volunteer attorneys as Guardians ad litem to represent vulnerable children who are being abused or neglected, or are at risk of serious harm from parental substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, or incarceration.

Our court-appointed volunteer and staff lawyers conduct a thorough investigation of the child’s home life, including interviewing the child, parents, other family members, teachers, counselors, medical providers, and others involved in the child’s life.  hey also review police reports, criminal records, child protective service agency reports, and educational and medical records. Throughout the course of the case, the lawyers attend hearings to present their investigative observations and make recommendations to the court regarding custody and visitation that is in the best interests of the child.

Our well-trained attorneys provide a voice in court for these young victims with the goal of ensuring a safe and secure home for each child.  We help nearly 100 at-risk children each year.

Free Walk-in Clinics

We have four clinics throughout the District to reach as many DC residents as possible. Locations include Children’s National Medical Center, Community of Hope, a church in Southwest DC and DC Superior Court. Click here for more information or here for our clinic flyer.

Support Services

DCVLP’s Client Advocate provides essential support services to our domestic violence clients including crisis counseling, safety planning, case management, and referrals for housing, counseling, and emergency financial assistance. She also follows up periodically to offer extended legal and social services.

From your tone, to your spaces to let me have a moment, to your careful explanations … I thank you. You are truly a gem. It is especially comforting after having so many doors slammed in my face and my life turned on its head.
– a DCVLP client in an email to our Client Advocate.