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Voices Against Violence 2016


Fighting for survivors and
at-risk children in court
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Tina Tchen, leader of #Time'sUp Legal Defense Fund and Connie Britton, Actress & Activist, honored at our 10th Anniversary Celebration

Fighting for Domestic Violence Victims & At-Risk Children

The DC Volunteer Lawyers Project provides pro bono legal assistance to hundreds of domestic violence victims and at-risk children each year. Our dedicated volunteer and staff attorneys handle protection order and family law cases on behalf of victims, and serve as court-appointed advocates for vulnerable children living with abuse, neglect and other difficult circumstances.

We also operate a weekly Domestic Violence Resource Clinic where victims can access legal, housing and counseling services in one, convenient location and assist victims at the Domestic Violence Intake Center located at DC Superior Court. Our Client Advocate provides safety planning, crisis counseling and access to social services throughout the legal process.

Volunteer Trainings & Events

September 13th, Noon-1:30PM, 5335 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Bring Your Lunch & Learn About Volunteer Opportunities at DCVLP

DCVLP offers to all volunteers: comprehensive training programs, live and online; mentorship by an experienced supervising attorney, who reviews all written work and accompanies the volunteer to court; access to an extensive resource library, including sample pleadings; administrative support; malpractice insurance; and more.

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Our Clients: Jenna’s Story

The pit-bull was salivating on Jenna’s neck, waiting for the order to bite her. Her husband was barely holding back the dog on its leash to make sure Jenna knew who was in charge. Jenna endured this abuse and worse during her 7-year marriage. Read more.

“Working with DCVLP is amazing. It’s meaningful work, it’s an excellent learning environment, I’ve built an incredible professional network of people I respect in the utmost. The attorneys employed by DCVLP are excellent mentors.”

– A DCVLP volunteer attorney

“Thank you for your support, knowledge and help. People come and go. That is life, but you will stay in my memory and heart forever.”

– A DCVLP client and survivor of domestic violence

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